is it really necessary?

The power of God

Is the power of God operating in my life?


Is my life being transformed day by day by the power of God?

Family and friends

Are my family and friends being influenced by God's manifesting presence in my life?

Sicknesses and diseases

Are the sick and diseased being healed by Jesus through me?

Evil spirits

Do I cast out demons in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and do I the spirits cry out in fear and disarray?

The gospel

Do I preach the gospel to sinners and see them entering the kingdom of God, free from addictions, chains of Satan, like addictions, constant nightmares and obsessions etc.?


Am I free from private sins, lust, and addictions to alcohol, smoking, movies, video games, rock, blues, jazz music, documentaries, pornography, books, romantic novels, etc.?


Do I see impossible situations being transformed by the power of the Almighty God, like Moses was at the Red Sea?

An soldier praying intensively